Day Two

Yesterday my son made it very clear he had some build up energy from being at home all week. We played outside just about every day but with all the rain going on lately it is difficult to make plans for the day.


So today it was overcast but I took the chance and we went to the park. We walked around the pond, fed ducks, explored in the garden, ran across fields and played on the playground. Im hoping this release of energy will buy me a night of relaxation.


Exerting all that energy sure made us both very hungry. Luckily I had packed hearty lunches for both of us today! I had made chicken with red beans and rice for dinner last night and accidentally made enough to literally feed an army so I packed some left over beans and rice for lunch. This can be quickly done if you didn’t have it as left overs. Simply use minute rice, which takes about 10 minutes start to finish and open up a can of beans and pour half of them in a skillet; add chopped onion, garlic, dried parsley, salt and pepper. Or you just just do plain beans. Chop up some chicken and throw it in the skillet too if you desire! Image

What to do with the left over rice or beans? Try a quesadilla for the next day lunch. Or this yummy looking Southwestern Quinoa Salad. Or how about a Skillet Zucchini and Black Beans? All delicious and easy lunch ideas!

As for my snacks, I chopped up two medium carrots and two pieces of celery with a dip consisting of whipped cream cheese and Olive Tapenade from Weelicious (which is one of my favorite spread recipes, great on everything!) And Whole Wheat Cheddar Crackers, also from Weelicious.



Was full all day and it was so yummy!!


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