Hey online friends!

I’m Elizabeth. Short Bio – Im from Nashville, Tennessee.I’m a single mother of the most gorgeous little two year old boy. I am finishing up my college degree at MTSU in video production. I film wedding as my current career. And I love food.liz4bw

I created this blog because I saw a need in the blog sphere. As my son was getting ready to start back at daycare, I searched the web all over looking for healthy, fast and fun kid lunch box ideas, of which I found many great resources! Then, after planning out my sons lunches for a week, I attempted to plan out mine. I searched the web again for hearty, easy recipes that I wouldn’t get sick of. And had no luck. All I found was an array of salads, leftovers and sandwiches. None of which is going to be enough to tempt me away from the chik-fa-la and mexican fast food on campus. So I decided to start my own blog, designated to adult women who want a healthy, delicious, filling lunch. All of which takes less than 15 minutes to prepare. Yes, just 15 minutes to healthy deliciousness.

To see if my lunches and snacks will work for you, here is a little bit about my body type, exercise habits and eating style. I am 5’8″, about 150lbs. Ok that’s a lie, *sigh*, 165lbs. (I blame being a mom, you give birth and your body just decides to give up or something! 😉 ) I chase around a toddler. Yep, that’s my exercise.  I did get a membership to the gym though and have full intent on starting to work out, ugh, so I’ll update that when it happens  as I’m sure my calorie intake will have to grow a bit then. As far as what I eat, I don’t eat much processed food and try to make everything homemade, which doesn’t always happen sadly but I try. I typically try to stay vegan till dinner, with all the bad stuff pumped into meat, as well as I’m too poor to buy the good stuff, I try to limit my meat intake to one meal a day.

As far as containers and lunch boxes I use, I have a Vera Bradley lunch box. (It was an impulse buy, they were half off, I was in the store, it was cute? yea, ok. I have no legit excuses but I am mostly satisfied with my purchase.) Due to my impulse lunch box purchase, I had to find appropriate containers that would fit in my lunch box, and I must say, I am very very pleased with these purchases! The Rubbermaid Sandwich kit I feel was aimed towards kids, but it works perfectly for me, and no, I never put a sandwich in it. The Rubbermaid 2cup containers are perfect for larger snacks and liquids (they seal so tightly). I got both at Walmart. IMG_4266

So yea, I hope you can find this helpful and get some great ideas on how to pack your own lunch to start off a healthier you!


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